Monday, January 28, 2008

A trip to remember

Chase and I were kid-free this weekend and were invited to go up to Dallas to celebrate Jake's birthday (Jake is Chase's best friend). We left Friday night and drove 5 long hours. Ok I rode and Chase drove, but it was still tiring. By the time we arrived, everyone was already in the swing of things. Drinks were flowing, cards were flying, laughter was abundant. I'm not sure what time we actually crashed, but it was very early in the morning (maybe 3?).

Saturday the group did separate activities. The guys went to play some disc golf and the gals sat around the house gossiping and watching chick tv. I call that perfect!!! We all needed to rest for the busy night we were about to attend. That night we went to Twin Peaks for dinner. If you've never been can only be described as the hick version of Hooters. Girls in lumberjack plaid shirts (tight and cut off to show much boobage) and in daisy duke shorts. I wouldn't say you go for the food, but more of the scenery.

After dinner we went home and played Wii bowling until it was Bar Time. You know any good bar doesn't get exciting until after 11. The group bounced bar to bar until we landed at a club (around 12:30). We closed the place down! Drinking, dancing, laughing, singing, what more can you ask for? I think this picture describes it best....

Drew, Chase, and Jake
One thing is for sure....I can't hang with my peers! I know the rest of the week I'm going to pay for my partying and will be dragging butt until I can recover.