Friday, February 1, 2008

Karma is a bitch!

Way back when, Jimmy thought he had everything under control. He was looking forward to a big fat tax return so he could blow it on Super Cross and his football clinic in San Angelo. None of his plans included the kids in any way. But he always promised to reimburse the insurance he has missed.

Let’s just say it’s been a rough week for Jimmy. He called in the beginning of the week to tell me that insurance for the kids is being taken out of his check. $300 a month! What comes to mind is all the times he has complained he didn’t have $80 to reimburse me for the insurance that I carry for them. According to our divorce decree, he is responsible to carry the kids and the school has to legally abide by the decree. During that conversation he did the woe is me pity party about how he can’t afford anything. How the car payment is killing him. I’m crying just writing this out. :)

Then he calls me today to try and get me to call our case worker. Our case worker might be able to stop the insurance monies being taken out of his check if I can prove he is reimbursing me. Sure, I can prove he has paid 3 months out of the 6. Ultimately, he is $240 behind already! I appeared cooperative but he has no clue that I’m not going to call this lady.

At the end of this pleasant conversation, he informed me that he filed his taxes last night. (See sometimes it’s good to be nice so he will confide in me) I filed mine earlier in the week (got back a pretty good amount) but never told him what my return was. He told me he is only getting $200 back! It took every ounce of me not to laugh in the phone. I really wanted to ask “Well, are you going to pay me the $240 you owe me for insurance”. LOL

Poor Jimmy. I feel evil for having so much joy at his short comings. How everything is crumbling beneath him. I’ve come to realize….I’m going to Hell for it! LMAO!