Thursday, October 30, 2008

Parent/Teacher Conference

I had my first parent/teacher conference today at school. Because of Garrett's previous Autism scare I was nervous how he was doing. You always want your children to excel and I was praying he was.

The positives first:
He is excellent in math and art! He loves to count the blocks and is doing well adding and subtracting. Where he got this quality from, I have no clue. I was horrible in math! When the other kids are having problems with math, he helps them. I love that! His art is amazing. He is such a creative little booger; he did get that quality from me. :) He is making friends and is a delight in the classroom.

The not so goods:
He needs work on creating or making up a story. He has an imagination but for some reason he can't draw a picture and tell a story about it when asked. All the children were tested on the alphabet and he only recognized 20 letters. That seems odd because he does well at home. We also have to work on his rhyming skills.

The teacher showed an example of what Garrett would have to read before being able to move up to 1st grade. HOLY CRAP! You are kidding me. When I was in Kindergarten we were able to move up just by being able to color inside the lines and use a pair of scissors. It's amazing how much it's changed just in 20+ years.

All in all, it was a positive meeting. He is doing well in some areas and need works in others. Not surprising. Garrett really likes going to school and I'm glad he has a great teacher.


Happy2bme said...

He sounds like he is right where he needs to be. I wouldn't worry about what he's not accomplished. Sounds like he's doing fine. I know when Austin took the test recognizing his letters its more than just recognizing all 26 letters. Some are in different form so for Austin they had 54 on the page.