Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with the boys

My family and friends have all asked why I get the boys on Christmas Day. Typically in a divorce one parent has an odd year and, you should assume, the other parent has the even year. Jimmy has long ago decided that he does not want the boys on Christmas morning. He has chosen not to see the joy on their faces as they realize Santa came to visit them while they slept.

At first no reason was given to his disinterest, but with some patience and diligent probing the truth came out. He believes child support pays for Santa. He does not feel he is required to buy them anything whatsoever. This is the second year that they have received nothing on Christmas from their dad. It doesn’t take much effort to buy a couple of gifts from the dollar store, but apparently that is too much to ask for.

I’m happy that they are able to spend Christmas morning with me. He will have a lot of explaining to do when the boys are older. I’m curious how he will explain it to them.


Jennifer said...

Wowzer, that really sucks! I know the worst thing for a mom is to watch something hit your child like that. What an ass! That's worse than if he wrapped up socks and underwear as a gift, at least then you are making an attempt to transform necessities into gifts

Amy said...

I am so much with you when you say, let the boys grow older and he will have to explain about not buying them christmas gifts.
I am divorced and when! My daughter's first birthday we were in the court, and on her second birthday I was free...
Well, what i wonder about is what will my daughter feel like, not having a 'papa' around- she already feels the lack of a father in a family as she watches other children.

Let me know what you think...

Amy said...

You are lucky to have child support! I belong to a developing country, and pisses me off really- not a penny of alimony, child support or any maintainance allowance! Tomorrow if I am jobless, we will be on the streets- me and my child.

I hate it, but that's the truth. It is such a shame, as my daughter is such an adorable baby!