Monday, December 1, 2008

Seriously, what was I thinking?!?

A friend of Chase's is a manager for a family entertainment center near our house; it has putt-putt golf, an arcade, bumper boats, little rides, and go-carts. He offered our family free passes for the day (a $125 value) and we quickly accepted. With much coaxing of good behavior from the kids, we finally loaded up the car and went.

When we arrived at our destination the kids were bouncing with excitement. The first thing we did was go-carts. They have the adult carts with a bigger track and off to the side a track set up for the youngsters with smaller carts. The kids were about to pee in their pants while waiting in line.

Jacob and Devin are the lucky two that get to go first. Look at these faces.

Priceless, right? Not even one lap around the track and there is a pile up involving both boys. Everyone is harm done. Jacob takes off again and as Jacob comes around the corner I see blood all over his face. "STOPPPPPPPPP Jacob," I scream as he drives past me smiling at least twice. Instead of letting go of the gas, he decides to crash into the side of the track.

I pull him out of the cart and rush him into the bathroom. I kept asking him if his face hurt. There was blood running from his nose and his mouth. He says quite simply, "Nope." As soon as we walk into the bathroom and he sees his reflection in the mirror he says, "My nose hurts. And my eye hurts. And my mouth hurts." Oh geez! When everything was said and done, he ended up being fine. We stayed the rest of the night sans the kiddie go-carts. Each of them did get to ride in the family go-carts with Chase and I could see the pure adrenaline in their faces. They loved it.

Seriously, what was I thinking letting my 4 year old drive a go-cart by himself? This is the same child who pays no attention whatsoever when we are walking in public and ends up bumping into at least 20 people in an hour. The same kid who refuses to listen to anything anybody has to say. The same kid who gets his butt whooped when he gets into trouble and 5 minutes later decides to do it again.


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, nice to know everything came out okay.

By the way, I am holding you responsible for my new Twilight addiction!!!! I finished the first book in one day. I went out today to find the second and they are OUT, the publisher was planning to reprint, they should have more by this week, but I am JONSEING, I could just read the third, but I hate to skip. I even considered just trying to translate the spanish version (they have plenty of) of book 2..... its like an illness or something.

Brian told me to just hang out near the local junior high and hit up 14 year old girls.... he just doesn't understand....

I think I might buy one.......