Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I must be doing something right

As a mom you are always concerned about the way you raise your children. Especially being a single mom with 2 little boys. Today was confirmation that I must be doing something right.

The other day I received a note in Garrett's bag saying the school was having a "Secret Santa Toy Shop". Garrett begged for money so he could go buy "stuff". It was hard to protest (even though I'm having issues with the school and money....different post). When he got home that day, he had a bag full of presents. One for each member of the family, including himself. Instead of spending all the money I gave him on himself, he decided to buy everyone one gift for Christmas.

We sat in my bedroom with the door shut while he showed me everything he bought. I told him I wanted mine to be a surprise and not to show me. Thankfully it was in a seperate bag so I couldn't peak. He picked out the wrapping paper and I wrapped the presents. I can't wait for everyone to open up the presents on Christmas Day.

He is growing up so fast and he is proving to be a wonderful young man. I know I'm doing something right for him to think of others before himself. Especially when a room full of toys are staring you in the face!


Jennifer said...

You are so right. That is absolutely the measure of how well you are raising him. He has empathy and compassion. What a great job Mom!!!!!