Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas Day and the house is a buzz. This morning, surprisingly, I was the first one to wake up. As soon as the kids heard me scurrying around they jumped out of bed. I love seeing their faces when they notice all the presents under the tree. Garrett always checks the plate of cookies to see that Santa ate all of them. Forget the presents, Santa didn't come unless the cookies are gone.

It was alittle bittersweet because we were missing Devin that morning. This year is the ex's year to have them on Christmas morning. We only get them for 3 hours that night. It sucks to have to share! You might be asking yourself why I had the boys if it was the ex's year. More on that at another time because that is a post in itself.

After presents it was time to get to work. We invited family and friends over for dinner and I was cooking all the sides. Seriously, what was I smoking when I thought that was a good idea? In the end, everyone liked the food (or so they said). I left the dishes on the counter for at least 3 days. Yeah, I know that's gross.

The kids made out like bandits. We all gained about 10 pounds from all the food we ate. There was no family drama (other than the exes). I'd say that classifies as a good Christmas.

Everyone needs Sponge Bob Operation!

Doesn't look thrilled....

He made the mess, he has to clean it up, right?