Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nose to the grind stone

So, as everyone should know....I'm looking for a job. I've been on too many job interviews to count and have filled out so many applications that I think I have carpel tunnel syndrome. I was looking through Craigslist at the employment section and came across this ad.

Administrative/Personal assistant needed for the President of a small Construction/Engineering company.
- Minimum 5+ years of experience
- Knowledge of MS office, Word, Excel & Typing
- Have pleasant phone voice, professional, upbeat and freindly
- Construction/Engineering company work experience will be preferred
- This position will require to keep schedules and assist President with various personal task and run errands as needed
- Job offers Paid vacation, subsidised Health benefits and Performance Bonus, 90 days after hire - Background check is required prior to employment E-mail resumes and Photo (if possible) to

As I'm reading the requirements I'm thinking that I'm a pretty good candidate; UNTIL I got to "E-mail resumes and Photo". Are you freaking serious? Why would anyone need to see a photo attached with your resume? I'm not applying to be a SEXretary. Why not just be honest and say "If you have big boobs and are willing to please your boss, please apply now. If you are overweight, ugly, or actually have any qualifications for this job, please don't bother". I'm outraged and on the verge of emailing the listed address only to ask why a picture is preferred. I have to calm down first.


Stacy said...

Do from another address (say make a free gmail one) and ask why they would need a picture. That way, if they have a legit reason you can apply (sounds like a kick ass job) and if not..well, then you won't waste your time!