Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pictures of Doom

I hate taking pictures with Santa. I hate sitting in the lines with 50 million snot nose little kids, touching everything along the way, only to have my kids walk up behind them and rub their little hands in someone else's boogers. What do I hate most though? The moms who insist that their crying 2 year old will get over it and take a good picture. "Just take one more picture." Look lady, take the picture with the kid screaming and move on! That's why the line is wrapped around the mall 3 times. I'm cranky, hungry, and want to get the hell out of here.

So, when we take the 3 boys to the mall and have their pictures taken with Santa, Jacob decides to be a brat. First he starts crying because he has to go to the bathroom. The infamous crotch grab. Where do little boys get this from? As soon as he sits next to Santa, his eye starts to itch. He refuses to smile because he insists that his eye itches. I pull him up and we came home with this.

Yup, Devin took a picture all by himself. Jacob ruined it for Garrett and I was pissed enough to pull both of them off Santa's lap and leave. Take note mommy who stands there for 30 minutes....take the picture of the screaming kid or leave!